Daring Wedding Gowns for Cutting Edge Brides

The tastes of brides today are more varied than they ever were before. Fifty years ago, there wasn’t much diversity when it came to wedding gowns. They were predominantly long and traditional, often with a simple veil as the only real element of flair.

But today, things are different. Of course, there are still traditional wedding gowns and plenty of women who are more than happy to get married in one. However, there are now options available for women who are looking for something a little bit outside the norm.

When brides-to-be go out in search of a wedding gown, they are looking for, as they say, the “perfect dress.” But what is perfect to one woman may turn off another one completely. Different women have different tastes. What looks good on one woman may not be suitable for another.

As you search for your wedding gown, keep in mind that the right one is, in fact, out there for you somewhere. If you yearn to be on the cutting edge of fashion, have no fear. There are incredibly original gowns out there just waiting to be discovered.

Chic and Fashionable

Make an impression as you walk down the aisle in a dress that looks like it came straight off of a high-fashion runway. For something that is ultra-modern and contemporary, try out a dress that is cut short, to just above the knees.

One option for this type of dress features a sweetheart neckline atop the strapless silk satin organza dress. This gown also has Alencon lace appliqués throughout for an extra sense of enticement.

The most dynamic feature of this stunning wedding dress is the hand-made silk satin floral corsage in the back. A simple sash wraps around the front and then explodes into a large flower arrangement and bow on the other side. This is a wedding gown that is sure to be unforgettable.

Timeless Elegance

Other eccentric brides may be interested in a dress that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale storybook. They desire a gown that makes them look like a gorgeous princess from the days of yore.

There is an incredible style out there that meets and exceeds all these wishes. It is strapless, so it looks great with your favorite necklace. English netting is hand-draped on this gown and gives it an incredible slimming affect and a one-of-a-kind silhouette.

Venice lace delights the bodice and adds an exceptional visual element to the hem of the skirt. This unbelievable dress comes in ivory and will have you looking and feeling like royalty.

Sleek and Modern

Some brides don’t necessarily want to break from tradition entirely. They like the idea of a classic dress, but maybe are in search of something with a little bit of modern flair.

This fashionable dress has all the makings of a traditional wedding gown, but with a few modern features. The straps create a V across the bust and continue down around the waist. At the top of one shoulder sits an oversized hand-made silk flower.

From the waist, this gown sweeps down and creates the incredible effect of having firm lines, yet still flows effortlessly around the body. This dress would look fantastic during any time period, whether 50 years in the past or 100 years in the future.

Complex and Delectable

For some brides, less is more. However, there is also something to be said for an incredibly textured wedding gown that bedazzles the eyes that look upon it.

Venice lace is a gorgeous addition to any dress, and this style has it in spades. The lace covers nearly every part of this strapless gown. It even stretches out onto the arms, from the shoulders down to the elbows.

The fitted bodice curves around the hips and then spills out to the floor at the knees. This affect will highlight all of your best curves and creates a striking visual affect. Another highlight is the large silk satin bow and streamers that extend from the back. Once people catch a glance of this dress they won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

Exotic and Fun

Dresses can be different without pushing the limits too far. However, there are brides out there who will settle for nothing short of an avant-garde masterpiece.

One exceptional style is a strapless satin organza dress that comes to just above the knees. But the most striking feature of this dress is the net flowers that are scattered across every part of it. It is truly a work of art.

Don’t be content with settling on a wedding gown that isn’t exactly what you are looking for. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of mixing things up a bit. This is one of the most important days of your life, and it should be everything you’ve always dreamed it could be. Don’t be shy. Pick out a dress that shows off your true personality.

Outstandingly Attractive Fashion Evening Gowns

Fashionable evening gowns are known to add elegance to the persona of the wearer. Evening gowns have been one of the dominating trends on the ramp and have fascinated numerous fashion aficionados with its enchanting patterns. You must have seen women flaunting trendy evening gowns during parties that allure you; however, even more fascinating are designer gowns which are truly a visual treat.

There are myriad patterns thronging the fashion arena and here are a few striking styles you can experiment with;

An evening dress can speak volumes about your personality. A combination of a cross halter and a sweetheart neckline with a ruche bodice is something that will make you look nothing less than ravishing during grand shindigs. Fabrics like silk and chiffon complements the feminine persona of the contemporary woman really well. Make sure that the color of the attire complements your skin complexion; however, you can pick colors such as golden, teal, blue etc which are highly opted shades for the gown. Dresses with ruffled hemline are another unconventional option that is opted by majority of fashion conscious women lately.
Sweetheart necklines are very much in vogue. A subtle embellishment on the neckline looks subtle yet elegant and suits the persona of the contemporary woman really well.
Asymmetrical designs are very much in vogue lately. They have struck a chord with the fashion conscious youth. One shoulder and off the shoulder styles look really chic on women and gives them a very charismatic appeal.
Dresses with deep v necklines, spaghetti straps look extremely chic. Even ruche patterns look extremely unconventional. An evening gown with subtle detailing can change the whole look of the dress.
Evening gowns with front slits again look very fascinating. It’s a magnificent style and makes the wearer look very distinct. This style will look amazingly chic on tall women.
Opt for fabrics like satin and chiffon. The sheen these fabrics exude is unmatchable. Right from occasions like weddings and grand shindigs; evening gowns are the best option and perfectly wearable for all kind of occasions.
Hanky hems are dresses with an uneven hemline. They look very stylish and chic. A spaghetti strapped dress with a hanky hemline is something you can experiment with if you have a penchant for unconventional styles.
While you have made your mind to shop for your evening dress, make sure you also take your body shape into consideration and accordingly select the fit of the attire. If you have a well toned body, then a well fitted, body hugging dress can serve the purpose of making you look captivating.
Dresses with empire waistlines are a good option for women with pear shaped bodies. They give a very slimming look to your appearance and make you look very stylish. Dresses with elegant empire waistlines and aesthetic embellishments are sure to impart a very chic look to your persona. There are myriad patterns and colors you will find that will make you look like a million bucks.

Enjoy Prom Night With a Prom Gown – The Dress of Your Dreams

Prom night is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of high school. If you want to make the biggest evening of your life a night to remember, plan and shop early for the gown you want.

Where does prom figure in a mental road map of women wear? For the average teen, it tops the scales. Fashionable ideas or plain necessity, fabric for the prom can get your creative juices flowing.

Most ideas for the prom hinge on intricate designs, awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping artistry. This years prom designs are more ornate with rich fabric. Your fantasies for the magic night will come alive provided you put in a suitable amount of planning and foresight.

Choosing The Dress

To buy a suitable dress, make up your mind on how to present yourself on the magic day. If you are one of those people who are more into celebrity-inspired chic, then take a long look at the kind of ideas you want to encapsulate in the dress needed.

For a full figure, look for a flowing dress. To show off your curves, find an A-line dress for a shapely waist. Prom dresses need to emphasis the upper part of the body. Corsets, drop waists for your upper torso can do the trick. Do not be afraid to accessorize.

If you are small on the top, choose different attire. Be willing to experiment. Instead of classic prom gowns or plus size prom gowns, keep the neckline straight – dresses with spaghetti straps, strapless or an empire waist. Also accessories like earrings and bracelets can help any girl on her magic day.

For a boyish or lean figure, a style that includes pleats, asymmetrical hems or overlays can give the body accented shapes and curves. Prom connoisseur needs to intimately know every term linked with a prom gown.

A high-low gown can be trendy for a hourglass figure. Other dresses could include an empire cut, sheath, bouffant or a ball gown. Like most women wear there is scope for individual creativity and creating wonderful designs.

Styles For The Prom

There can be no definitive style guide for a prom dress. Most styles alter and change quickly. But this years prom gown can be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Short prom dresses fit the bill for girls with long legs. You can also go for classic little black dress, one of the great designs which takes time to style and can be sported in formal events apart from prom nights. Adding accessories will make you look more elegant in this ensemble.

Classic prom gowns also have not gone out of style. For the bigger girls, plus size prom dresses are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Quality is integral in the prom gown you choose.

Fashion experts believe that subtle shades will speak volumes about your classiness. Even if you are into celebrity-inspired chic, modesty is the better part of valor. Choosing a dress that reflects your personality is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an appropriate gown.

A fantastic hairstyle will add value to your prom dress. Some of the ideas in vogue this year include short hair and soft curls, sleek and simple with a French twist, long shiny hair and a looped ponytail, or long curly hair and tousled curls.

Creative types can innovate and come up with new ideas for prom night. Sometimes your designs could prove to be better than the latest masterpiece on the shelf. Think of your favorite songs for prom night and get inspired.

This years prom could be the favorite night of your life and give you memories that last forever.

Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion: 6 Ways to Look Gorgeous in Gowns

Cinderella Style

Look elegant in Indo-Western gowns for a party that combine Indian embroidery, sparkling stones, sequins, pearls and beads on the bodice with a flowing lower portion – Cinderella style!

Choose from many styles, such as plunging necklines and low backs, which will flatter your figure and look graceful at a spring or summer party.

Spring It On!

Spring is the time for fresh scents, budding flowers and the promise of full blooms. Feel feminine in floral prints, that were the hottest trend last Spring/Summer season.

Flowers will look phenomenal this year too; team long dresses in georgette and satin silk with contrasting Indian fashion jewelry to flaunt the perfect Indo-Western diva look!

Summery Whites

Nothing looks more chic than neutral shades like ivory, cream and beige in summer wear. This off-white shimmery lycra dress, embellished with a necklace-style golden border, has a beautiful drape style that is ideal for summer parties.

Last September’s New York Fashion Week witnessed many gorgeous white and off-white gowns o the runway for Marchesa’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Long flowy white gowns are reminiscent of daytime and church weddings. Just as a white wedding can inspire the long gown, similarly wedding gowns can also go shorter. Justin Alexander recently revealed bridal dresses with asymmetrical hemlines in his Spring/Summer 2016 wedding collection.

Look glam and stylish at your summer parties this year wearing a flared princess gown in white, fabricated from net and embellished with a touch of gold.

Peaches And Cream

Look peachy at your next spring party in one of these designer gowns online; these pretty pastel and shaded draped-style gowns are available readymade on the Internet. Select these ethnic long dresses having a more Indian design, thanks to the drape and embroidery.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

Spring/Summer is also the best time to experiment with fashion, which means you can play with the length of your dress. You can’t go wrong with long, but short, mid-length and asymmetrical hems can be worn in different ways.

Coral is a trendy colour and comes in beautiful shades of red, pink and peach on chiffon and georgette materials. When pretty corals are blended into a multi-layered chiffon gown with a raw silk bodice, it looks oh so chic! Georgette asymmetrical gowns in coral look glam, especially if it is embellished with golden, floral embroidery and full sequins work on the yoke. A beautiful drape style shimmery lycra dress, enhanced with golden necklace-style border, would be ideal for summer parties.

Ready-made Long Gowns

Instantly slip into a ready-made designer dress for that sudden summer party you were invited to, by selecting from a variety of vibrant hues ideal for Spring/Summer wear.

A Chic Vintage Empire Waist Gown Helps You Rule the Wedding Roost

Every girl must desire to look appealing and rule the roost on her special day. Due to the continuous increase on their purchase ability, most of them set higher levels for fashion, elegance, glamour, confidence, etc today. To be unique, they also show favors for something exotic, fantastic, retro and classic. As fashion elites, designers are certainly sensible of this.

As we all know, fashion is something special for everybody. It always imposes do’ s and don’ ts on what trend aficionados have to obey. To enhance brides’ ensembles, designers do come up with lots of wonderful tributes to the fashion house. Each soon-to-be bride can discover an ideal wedding gown to flatter her rich taste on today’ s market. To keep up with the latest fashion sense, wedding gowns with household logos are great options. But if you want to be elegant, yet not to overdo luxury, you may love to select a chic vintage empire waist bridal dress.

If you are inexperienced with fashion, empire waist is a secure bet for your big day. It always performs exceptionally well on that special, solemn and memorable event. Seeming more aristocratic than a line and more moderate than strapless, an empire waist wedding gown opts for accentuating your femininity, maturity and charm. Let’ s face it: the style statement made by a bridal dress like this will be more glamorous most of time. And of course, it better shows your sincerity to the vow you will make.

You and what you prefer to wear are two eternal focuses on your wedding. This is realized by almost every bride. To be felt is easy. But how can you make your appearance to be kept in mind? Comparing with a modish wedding gown, a vintage style seems more alluring this time. Empire waist is a fabulous trend setter on the fashion wedding dress arena in today’ s era. But each fad will be replaced by subsequently new crazes. To arouse a lasting impact, choose a vintage style please. Since a previous style can still be remembered by trend followers and pop out on the present market, it must carry some distinct charm and allurement. This really makes sense on vintage empire waist wedding gowns.

Most vintage empire waist bridal gowns are really chic. Different with luxurious themes embraced by today’ s designers, those classic styles are always floor-length and with ball gowns. Instead of eye-catching luster on lavish accessories, artists exactly aim to charm bridal gown seekers with fluent lines, exquisite ruffles and layers. Due to the understated, yet sophisticated feature, a vintage wedding gown is suitable for most wedding natures. Flattering any figure wonderfully, a vintage empire waist becomes a universal option.

There will be staffs who try to sell you so-called vintage styles during your shopping. But make sure what you will buy really matches with a vintage fad; you are necessary to do some researches before hand. The internet shares you lots of pictures on vintage wedding dresses and reviews on how to find a classic wedding gown like in 1820s or 1950s. To make an ideal vintage statement, just keep calm and get to know some background first.

Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Gowns: How to Find the Best for That Special Day

A wedding gown is probably one of the most important purchases a woman makes in her lifetime. This is an entire line in the women’s fashion segment and designers have succeeded in creating fabulous designs to match every taste. In the past, the gowns were designed with a slender figure in mind with the accents and styles made to flatter only the small- and medium-built women. But through the years designers have become aware of the growing market for heavy-set women. Plus size wedding gowns are now part of the regular offerings of fashion houses worldwide.

The entire wedding ensemble for the bride begins with the bridal lingerie. It is recommended that brides have separate lingerie to match their wedding gowns and to wear for their honeymoon. For plus size wedding gowns, it is best to focus on the functionality of the bridal lingerie. Department stores that offer plus-sized clothing should also have a selection of undergarments. The bridal lingerie should depend on the style of the wedding gown. One should look for undergarments that lend a good silhouette while being comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

For selecting and purchasing wedding gowns, plus size brides can coordinate with their local bridal salons. These salons usually have a wide stock of gowns and they have information on the best sources of plus size gowns. The Internet can also provide tips on where to buy wedding gowns and on how to select the perfect plus size gown. Fashion designers now have online stores that offer a wider range of items to choose from. Many designers actually have plus size models wearing the gowns to give shoppers an idea on how a certain style or design would look on a particular body type.

After gathering information on where to acquire bigger size wedding gowns, heavy-set women should then focus on selecting one that hides the flaws of her figure while emphasizing her good points. Sleeveless, strapless or haltered gowns would not suit plus size women who usually have large upper arms. They should wear cap sleeves or opt for a lacy jacket with longer sleeves to wear over the gown. Larger arms can also be camouflaged with short lacy sleeves. Puffy sleeves may be an option, but they should not bind the arms.

Walking down the aisle in a stunning wedding ensemble is every marrying woman’s dream. Size must never be a hindrance to looking your best in this momentous occasion. For full-figured women, plus size wedding gowns are now more readily available and their wedding days can no longer be ruined by a hopeless search for an appropriate wedding dress.

What Clothes Are in Fashion? This Year’s Stand-Out Celebrity Gowns

Dressing to impress is on the majority of women’s minds. In fact most women strive to find out what clothes are in fashion before making a purchase. Most of the time, the fashion that we base our clothing choices on comes straight from the celebrity trends. If you are planning on going to a special event that requires a stunning full length dress, you need to know which celebrity gowns stood out the most this year!

Knowing what clothes are in fashion is simple if you keep up with the tabloids and fashion magazines. This year has seen an abundance of absolutely gorgeous gowns worn by celebrities, making your choice for your special event that much more difficult. There are two aspects to take into consideration when buying clothing of any description. Firstly, be sure to choose something that suits your body and, secondly, be sure to choose something that suits your wallet! Remember, having to break the bank for an item that you are only going to wear once is simply not worth it. Rather choose an item that is versatile, makes you look absolutely stunning and fits into your budget. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with choosing an undergarment to make your body look that much better – celebrities do it all the time in order to ensure that they have curves in all the right places.

If you want to fashion your outfit choice on some of the stand-out celebrity gowns worn this year, you may need to expose a little bit of flesh. Two of the stand-out celebrity gowns left very little to the imagination. Rhianna was first to make a splash with her nude, bejewelled gown. Needless to say, the dress received mixed reviews as her decency was only covered by a nude thong. Kendall Jenner was the second celebrity to take a chance with skin. For a young adult, this dress could be seen as a bit too risqué. Nevertheless, the hip-high slits certainly made an impact! She looked absolutely stunning, but it was clear to the world that no underwear was worn with this dress. You do not need to go to the extent of these two celebrities with your gown choice, but remember that it is “in” at the moment to show a little bit of skin. This can be done tastefully by using lace in suggestive and strategic places, as well as cut-outs.

Elegance is what you make of it. In most cases, less is more, so choose a dress that shows off all of your best assets in a tasteful way. Knowing what clothes are in fashion can certainly help you with your decision – just remember that you can still add your own personality to whatever outfit you choose!

The Best Wedding Fashion Trends of 2011

Every year there are distinctive trends in wedding fashion and beauty, especially for gowns, custom bridal jewelry, and wedding hairstyles. This year, there are some fantastic trends which any bride can easily adapt to her wedding. Take a look at the best wedding fashion trends of 2011.

Simple But Elegant Wedding Gowns. After many seasons of asymmetry, ruching, ruffles, and outrageously bold embellishments, there is a small trend afoot back towards more simple bridal gowns. These new gowns are symmetrical, made from beautiful silk, and feature perhaps one signature detail like a bow at the waist. It is like a breath of fresh air to step back from gowns which have been increasingly busier in their cuts, silhouettes, and details in recent seasons. While the simple gowns are still outnumbered by the busy ones, they are a lovely new direction. Choose a pared down gown and have fun putting your personal stamp on it with your choice of veil and custom bridal jewelry.

The Return of Sequins. If you are not ready to embrace the simple but elegant trend, you might love the gowns which feature tons of sequins. Sequins have been out of style for so long that they actually feel new and exciting. Designers are using them to create all-over shimmer on head to toe sequined gowns, and also as accents on skirts or bodices. This is a trend that looks to have legs well into 2011 and beyond, judging by the popularity of sequined evening gowns on the celebrities on the red carpet recently.

Polished Wedding Hairstyles. There was a definitive shift away from beachy bridal hair late in 2010, and that trend will continue for 2011. The more polished hairstyles are a better match for the ladylike 1950s inspired bridal gowns, as well as for the new simple but elegant dresses. Try a low bun or chignon with an interesting twist to capture this bridal beauty trend perfectly. If your wedding gown is more dramatic or cutting edge, position the bun to one side and adorn it with a spray of white feathers. Brides who prefer classic elegance should opt for a symmetrical hairstyle, adorned with a jeweled headband, hairpins, or even a tiny tiara (yep, tiaras are also coming back!).

Custom Bridal Jewelry. For several years, if you wanted to break up an all-white wedding gown, a colored sash was the answer. As sweet as they were, the look was officially declared “done” in 2010. Now brides who want to add a pop of color to their ensembles are turning to custom bridal jewelry to show their personality. A scattering of blue crystals in a set of crystal wedding jewelry is a great way to get your something blue, or choose the feminine grace of a set of pink pearls. In bridesmaid jewelry, by the way, custom colored sets are as popular as ever. A new approach is to select jewelry which is a shade or two deeper than the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

Ribbon Edge Veils. The ribbon edge veil will be a big trend for 2011 brides. The sweet classic design did not coordinate so well with the sexy asymmetrical trumpet gowns of the last few seasons, but the return of simple elegance has heralded a new popularity for the ribbon edge veil. It is the ideal embellishment for a veil paired with a 1950s style gown or one with classic lines. Choose a wide ribbon for more “pop” or a narrow ribbon just to define the edge of the veil. When wearing a blusher with a ribbon edge veil, the blusher should not have a border, as it makes a line across the front of the bride in pictures. With so many delightful new trends, 2011 is looking like a great year for wedding fashion!

Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown

Not all bridal designers have to design bridal gowns that cost an arm and a leg. Alfred Angelo Bridal is really an international vendor and retailer of affordable wedding dresses based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Although the corporation is well known for Alfred Angelo wedding dress, they still designed bridesmaid gowns, trends for flower girl dresses, mother of the bride / groom dresses, together with other wedding accessories. Prom dress styles will also be fashioned under a number of brand lines.


In the mid 1930’s, Alfred Angelo and his wife Edythe Piccione opened their first store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They started out wholesaling Alfred Angelo bridal gowns and attempting to provide inexpensive bridal gowns that everyone could buy. Edythe began designing the Alfred Angelo wedding dress in 1935 because the quality of gowns they were selling may let them down sometimes. They chose quality fabrics and designed by themselves. The happy couple insisted on basic white and ivory gowns until 1960s, their kids Vincent and Michele Piccione, took over gown design. By the end of the decade, they actually started handling the company. This company employed Michael Shettel as V.P. of Design in the 1990s and he added more intricate designs and diversity of colors. After turning into a business leader in the USA, the corporation began marketing worldwide to countries such as the Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Nowadays the enterprise remains possessed by the Piccione family. Alfred Angelo bridal gowns are available at company-possessed retail places, known as “Signature Stores” in America, as well as a large number of partner stores around the world.

Michael Shettel – Wedding Style Designer

At the moment, Michael Shettel manages the design group. Shettel studied fashion design in the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. He’s been a lead designer for Alfred Angelo since 1999. Shettel and the design group choose fabrics manually for all those gowns designed in the 0-30 range but additionally in regular length, short and long lengths.

Well known inclusions in the Alfred Angelo fashion line under Shettel’s guidance are the designs in the Dream in Color collection that permit brides to choose from fifty-five various shades to increase a panel train, a trim on the neckline, or perhaps a sash. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns will also be a touch to the fashion line under Shettel.

Signature Stores

Alfred Angelo Signature Stores can be found in eighteen US states having a lot of retail stores in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. Other US locations for Signature Stores can be found in the following states: Alabama, Washington, Arkansas, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maryland, Ohio, NY, Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, and New Mexico. They employ more than 3,000 people across the country. Alfred Angelo also sells bridal fashions at many of partner stores over the US and globally.

In the retail areas, gowns can be found from size 0-30 for wedding brides and bridesmaids. Prom dresses in the retail locations can also be found in the identical size range. The shops have a series of styles and lines in the Piccione Bridal, Alfred Angelo collection, Niki White collections, as well as the A.A. Sapphire.

In September 2010, by cooperation with Disney, this company announced the debut of the collection of princess-inspired wedding gowns from well-known Disney animated films like Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

Make a Statement With Couture Wedding Gowns

Couture wedding dresses are as much about high fashion, glamour and style as they are about elegance and sophistication. They are the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary wedding styles. You will be a unique bride, with a dress that your guests won’t soon forget. Couture gowns tend to be more expensive than their counterparts – but many brides find them well worth the price.

Couture wedding dressings for the 2010 season are proving to be quite diverse. This season, a wedding gown may be based upon fashion trends from almost any decade and still be considered fashionable. The first major trend that is being seen this season is that of the sexy streamlined silhouette, as is seen in the mermaid style of gown. Figure hugging gowns are predicted to be a major trend for the next few seasons. If you have a fantastic figure, now is the time to show it off! The second major trend that is emerging is the ball gown style. This is a style that is sure to satisfy the inner little princess in every girl. Ball gown style wedding dresses are popular because they can form your body into almost any silhouette you desire, and they can provide the illusion of fantastic cleavage for almost anyone.

Fifties era wedding gowns are also proving themselves to be extremely popular. There is a certain glamorous appeal about the 50’s era that can appeal to almost any woman. These gowns tend to feature a belted waist, which can create the illusion of an hourglass figure on any woman. The lengths and volume of these gowns is quite diverse. A woman is almost certain to find a silhouette that appeals to her. As aforementioned, the mermaid style of gown has recently regained popularity. These gowns are very form fitting and tend to retain a hint of the 50’s era influence. Think of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

On a different note, tea length wedding gowns are also becoming very popular. The length of this dress hits about mid calf for most women. It is a departure from the traditional ideas of what a wedding gown should be, but the A line frame of these gowns is flattering to a variety of body types. Grecian influenced wedding gowns have recently come into vogue. These dresses are constructed of flowing, floating materials, and the draping of these gowns is also flattering to a variety of body types. However, women who are statuesque best wear this style. With the wide variety of couture wedding dresses that are available today, a woman is almost certain to find a style she adores.

Gabriella has a true eye for elegance, fashion and style. She is a freelance writer – covering a range of topics from tips on achieving the perfect hourglass body to prom dress, Quince, Sweet 16 and other formal gown ideas